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That long road just keeps getting longer!!!!

Hi all!

The problem with being immobile and in pain is that I can't do much for blog content!

Here's a quick update of where I am health wise..... it's pretty much the same place as I was in my last post sadly.

I had Nerve root block procedure in June, we held out so much hope. The very idea of being out of pain for the first time in months was exciting!

It was an early start with no coffee...


We arrived as requested at the surgery unit at 7am, checked in and waited, and waited, and waited.

The surgeon popped in and drew a few pictures on my bum, I'm sure they were technical drawings but I thought it looked more like a toddlers scrawl.

I was taken into surgery at 12.30. The procedure took no more than 20 minutes! My spine was injected with a cocktail of anaesthetic and steroids. The hope is that the pain is dealt with by the anaesthetic and the inflammation around the nerve is sorted by the steroids over time.

Fantastic plan!

For some this is enough for permanent relief, for others it is a temporary solution.

Did it work for me?

It took longer to get the Sharpie drawings off my bum than the relief from the injections!

So I now know I'm back to square 1.

We're now in July and the heat hits.

My garden turns from a pretty show of snap dragons and petunias to a baron wasteland of tinder dry grass and wilting foliage.

Do you like my planters? These are old wine crates!

I pin tacked them together at jaunty angles and planted them up with Strawberries, Snap dragons and Petunias. The Tower is planted with Strawberries and Tomatoes.

It has been very hard to find any comfortable position during the heat.

It was during this intense heat that things took a little turn for the worse and a little bit of drama insured!

For whatever reason, every muscle in my little body decided they'd had enough and collectively had a tantrum.

Now i'm pretty sure we have all experienced a muscle spasm, cram even a pulled muscle, take that thought and apply it to every muscle you have.

Nothing worked, every fibre screamed, I was rewinding way beyond square 1.

I can honestly say I was frightened. I couldn't take any more pain relief, I was already awash with Morphine and Tramadol and it simply wasn't touching the pain.

How to get these muscles to stop being idiots and release?

Jon called Jim, my Osteopath. Bless Jim, he came out to the house, flung open his therapy table and set to work with acupuncture needles, manipulation, and a whole host of other therapies.

Nothing worked.

I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble.

The general consensus was get to A&E, page the on call Back Surgeon and go from there.

Not my favourite solution. I really didn't want to go into hospital that way. I certainly didn't want to go into hospital lying in the boot of our Estate car and there was no way I was letting anyone call an ambulance.

While the boys were deciding the best way to get me transported I grabbed the phone and called the Dr on call service. I frantically gabbled what was wrong. Their only recommendation was get to hospital now. I still wasn't playing that game and they relented and sent out the DR.

When she arrived she was so lovely. Jabbed me in the arse with a needle I swear was normally used for Elephant insemination, then set me up with a Diazipam, morphine and paracetamol concoction and said in such a funny voice..

"OK you have 20 minutes before you sleep, go and have a wee and get into bed."

It worked. My muscles released their grip on my sanity, I had relief for the first time in a while.

I now knew that Open Surgery was going to happen and happen much sooner than we had all hoped.

So, that's the tale up to August. There is more But I think I'll continue tomorrow as this is a bit of a long waffle!

Thank you all for being here, for the support and the lovely messages they really do help.

Much Love


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