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The long road. The Health Update.

Hey! I know it's been too long since I wrote a blog post and equally too long since I Podcast.

Lets get the health stuff out of the way first, it's not exciting, painful yes, exciting NO!

Here's what I know so far.........

I've had back pain for a long time, longer than I like to think and this has always been treated with pain relief and physiotherapy. It has never been really looked into and more often than not put down to my Fibromyalgia. (There's a link HERE if you don't know what Fibro is.)

Since Christmas 2017 I have had extreme numbness in my left foot. This progressed up my leg, at this point I had no more pain than usual just more focused around one area which is just above my left bum cheek. I was finding walking more and more of a challenge ; when my left foot hit the floor I had shooting pins and needles racing up my leg resulting in screaming pain in my hip.

It was apparent that this was more than a Fibro flare up and the pain was fast becoming too much to cope with; off to the Doctors I went.

"You've probably pulled a muscle" was the result of the 2 minute consultation and a prescription for Tramadol and Naproxen was doled out. This was the beginning of February.

For 2 weeks I took the prescribed medication as directed and had no relief from the pain.

I would wake every hour with such intense pain and no way of relieving it. Heat didn't help, cold didn't help, stretching was impossible. I had no control over this pain at all. It wasn't diminished by the Tramadol - Paracetamol - Naproxen - Pregabalin cocktail in any way at all. And that's quite some cocktail!

I went back to the Doctor.

Morphine every 4 hours.

The cocktail needed a pint glass now!

I had to ask repeatedly for a referral to a back specialist. I knew this wasn't just a muscle issue.

It was at this point my ability to do much was compromised. Who'dathunkedit!

The Podcast came to a screaming halt as I had nothing to show you, I had little to talk about. I missed it. I hadn't realised how much doing the Podcast had helped me believe in me. Confidence is not my strong point.

I couldn't knit, crochet,weave,sew... nothing. I was existing on mediocre Netflix series and induced sleep. Yet the pain was relentless.

The cocktail fogged my ability to do anything, so, it was a period of waiting to take the next dose to try and be comfortable.

This plan was not the best.

I needed to do something to get the pain under control. The inability to function on any reasonable level was the goal.

Jon sought advise from a friend, a Osteopath.

We made an appointment to go and see him at his clinic, I had no expectations. I had never been to such a clinic before and was apprehensive about what would happen and where I would be left pain wise. Would it make things worse? Should I just lay down and wait for the referral to come through?

For now I shall leave it here.

I will continue this tomorrow, I know it's not exciting, I know there's no projects to show but you have all been such great support, the messages I have received have really been uplifting and I am so grateful.

Thanks for listening!


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