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It's all happening! Podcast debut, Craft along and more!

Give me 2 seconds to catch my breath! It's certainly all been going on over the last couple of weeks.

I have been busy paving the direction of The Fibre Factory UK and boy oh boy it's been a bit scary I can tell you!


The birth of the YouTube Channel has been one of the most scary and time consuming things I think I have ever done.

I wanted to try and make using my products as easy as possible by giving what I hope are simple to follow and clear directions. There are 2 tutorials up at the moment - another due up tomorrow, on how to weave on my Pin Looms. At the end of the 4 basic tutorials I will be showing how to put all that has been made together, to create a lovely project.

If you haven't seen the tutorials you can find them here.

Then *gasp* came the "Coffee Morning Podcast". I've spoken about doing this sort of thing before but in all honesty the thought of sitting in front of a camera talking away to myself and people actually being able to see it... Petrifying!!! You know when you trip over thin air in the middle of the street and you have to do that quick "oh my goodness the paving slab jumped up and bit me" look.... that was me. And continues to be me.

I still don't know exactly what made me suck it up and do it but once I had I did feel rather good about it.

Don't get me wrong It's not fantastic , but , for a first go I think I did ok.

If you haven't seen Episode 1 yet you can find it here.

I would love it if you could Subscribe to the Channel and of course Like and even comment on the does no end of good to a wavering confidence * wobble*

28 Days of Love CAL

It was only while doing the podcast that the idea of the Craft along hit me.

I know there are loads and loads of Knit alongs and crochet alongs on Ravelry and with many of the well known podcasts but I wanted to do a Craft along. Any craft. All Craft. Just a way of getting things going. My mojo had certainly left me stranded and I'm guessing many of you have projects either half done or in need of starting. My hope is that we can, together, get some great crafts going. Encouraging each other along the way. I have created a Ravelry like forum where you can post your progress and finished makes and chat with others. I would be chuffed as nuts if you would sign up. Let's make a community!

Here's how to sign up.

Click on the sign up text this takes you to the sign up options.

Select how yo would like to sign up. (N.B Non of this information is held by The Fibre Factory UK)

Once Signed in you will have a Profile. Add to this what every you like.

You are now a member of the 28 Days of Love CAL.

Post your first post! Give a quick introduction -

Post your project.

Have a chat about anything you like with new crafty friends!

And when there are some completed projects .... they will go here!

As I hope you can see this is a no Chat thread.

Just post your pictures. I will be drawing Prizes from this thread. YEY!!! Prizes!

So please join in!

I will go and put my feet up and have a nice strong coffee now. I have editing to do later! Thank you for your wonderful support.


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