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Social Media, The mystery of the Business Page - Stuff the algorithms!

Social Media -

I'm sure the vast majority of us have a Facebook account. Whether it be just for our personal use or business use most people now use Facebook.

I remember when I first joined , It was a very basic (all be it clever) column based page, the now infamous "Poke" feature was received with great amusement and the few games were quite literally "click- wait- click again".

Now the Facebook world has change beyond the basic function of "waving to a friend" or sending a "Poke". Like most things the complexity of Facebook leaves some, (me) baffled.

The surge in "like Ladders" a few years ago saw small businesses frantically posting links to their wares in the hope of getting a sale or a "like". The term business page sprang up and everyone had to make a Facebook "Page" not "profile" for their business. This trend seems to have died down now and this I understand is because of the ever changing algorithms.

I often wonder how many people actually see posts from small business pages.

My own feed is more often than not filled with obscure adverts for eyebrow makeup - I once google searched for eyebrow shaping, Glitter Lipstick - This is what happens when you let your kids on the computer! and my favourite this week is the "revolutionary Vacuum".... I think this particular advert is trying to tell me something as this is most certainly a topic I haven't googled!

I do however have posts from pages I have interacted with over the last few weeks. By interacted I mean by liking a post or commenting on something.

This is the way to see what you want to see.

The bottom line is the more you interact on Facebook the more of what you like you will see!

This has a snowball effect for those business pages. People see your comments or likes and go and take a look themselves. If they then choose to like the page and add a like or comment to a post again the snowball is off down the hill picking up momentum all the while.

This is how small businesses grow and prosper on Facebook.

But the big question is: How to get potential customers/clients to interact with your page?

Post regularly but not too often as this counts against you.

Post photos - but not too many as they don't get seen.

Post links - but not too many, Facebook doesn't like that.

That right there is the biggest problem!

There is no magic post. There is no specific number of posts we should make, photos to share or links to add. It's all a algorithmic mystery that only Facebook know- and they ain't sharing that little gem that's for sure!

Social Media has it's massive bonuses but also huge pitfalls.

If you have liked a small businesses page and you genuinely do like what they do please like a post, give a little comment and how about sharing a picture or link they post.

This is also the same for Instagram and YouTube.

This is the best way to support your small business pages - and it really does make the page owners day when someone leaves a nice comment.

The Business page is like a shop door, when you go to the page you are walking into that store, even if you don't buy anything just saying "Good morning" or "Oh isn't that pretty" really makes a business owners day.

Go and spread some love on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and help us Small Business owners smile :)

L x

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