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It's arrived! The First You Tube video Tutorial

Yes! It's here!

Finally after many starts and many more stops the first in a series of pin loom weaving videos is available.

Maybe one of you will know the answer to this question - Why, when you start something that requires a modicum of quiet, a teensy bit of concentration and more than 1 coffee does the whole world and the dog need your attention right now?

I fear it is normal!

The phone must have rang at least twenty times, the dog decided it had to bark at even the thought of someone walking within 6 miles of the front window - I will not mention the cat!

But it is done. Not exactly as I wanted it but I think it is clear enough.

I do hope you enjoy it.

The series will cover adding embellishments to your weaving, joining your squares, changing yarns, and many other tips and tricks. There will also be a " Project-a-long" to join in with.

The shop is looking pretty bare at the moment.

I have 4 and 6" looms at the moment and hope to be adding some 8" looms by the end of this week.

Yarns will be coming and I would like to add some Handspun yarn to the shop too.

New things coming are knitted goods, crocheted goods and woven goods.

I am also working on Journals which I am very excited about!

I hope you enjoy the video!


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