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September, my favourite month and why!

Well it's not officially Autumn, that special event is Friday 22nd September, but for me Autumn begins right now!

Why is it the best of the seasons for me?

It means that there's a slight nip in the air, the leaves change into all kinds of gorgeousness and it's time for the knitting needles to work over time! The nights begin to draw in and everything just feels cosier! Maybe it's the knitter in me but the thought of a snugly jumper and hand knitted socks get's me all excited. I must finish the pair I shared with you a few weeks ago - they have had 0 rounds put into them since then!

It's also my Birthday month, Maddies Birthday Month and Our Wedding Anniversary Month...all those celebrations squished into 30 glorious days!

The shops are beginning to fill with bobble hats and woolly pullies. I have noticed that this season the "dusky pink" shade is certainly "IN". I'm not sure if I can pull off the Dusky Pink look but I have 4 Girlies that can.

I'm nearing the end of the second Oxford Boyfriend Cardigan. Well It is my version of it, as I made several adjustments to the pattern to get a cleaner fit. I've done this version top down on smaller needles and with a shawl collar and added buttons to the band. I'm looking forward to having it done and show it off. I'll give the details of my adaptions when I post the reveal.

I am using the same yarn as before and I really am enjoying it. It is very soft and knits with great definition.

The yarn , if you've forgotten is King Cole Big Value Super Chunky in Brown and the contrast is King Cole Big Value Super Chunky Twist in Oatmeal Twist.

I hope to have it all finished and photographed by next week.

In other news -

It's been a funny few weeks. I entered the Blogging world with the soul idea of waffeling to you about fibre, knitting, Crochet, spinning and weaving. And that remains true. I will continue to do just that right here.

When I delved into it a bit further and asked the TMI question. (Too Much Information) there were questions about fibre and processing and that kind of thing BUT there was also a many questions about me. My world. My life. My Likes. Lots of these came from Instagram, where I have posted my everyday things like decorating and journaling and depression and anxiety. I thought I would combine those questions into this blog , however that's not why you're here is it! You're here for the fibre, the knitting and not which paint I used on the ceiling...although it is good paint!

To cut a long story short, I am launching a new site. It is more of a Lifestyle blog, but seeing as It's my lifestyle it will include crafts just not all fibre related. The 2 worlds will be kept separate. The Me site and the Us site.

I will of course announce to you when I go live just in case you are interested and wish to join me over there too.

Shop news.

I will be updating the shop this weekend with lots of yarns.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

In regards to Fibre unfortunately I have non. I was hoping for a lot of Jacob this year. I stop fibre processing at this time of year so i'm affraid there is no more.

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L x

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