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Sunshine on a Bank Holiday?!

It's true!

It's a bank holiday weekend and the sun has shone throughout it all. It's also been very warm, hot actually.

I'm gearing up for Autumn which is my favourite season, I don't know if it's the Knitter in me or if it's the cosy feeling you get when you shut the door turn on the lamps and wear copious pairs of hand knit socks!

On the subject of hand knit socks, I will be blogging what I think are the best Sock Yarns available soon.

There have been a few changes to the blog this week. I've been very busy behind the scenes, lot's of emails and conversations have been had, all work related. Because that's what this job.

I am now an Amazon affiliate. So what this means to you is not much but for me it is a big deal. If you have a look over to the left on the home page <----------------- you will see an Amazon Banner. If you go to Amazon through this little blog the revenue might one day buy me a coffee! And for that I will be truly thankful!

Other changes... while not changing direction I am broadening my content. This has been a weird thing for me. Very weird. Why? I am a 40 something, married with kids and Grand kids, slightly hippy, short,animal loving, alternative type of geek. Not, and I can't stress this enough - a quirky 20 something with an interesting social life and good teeth!

However, this, by all accounts is the point. Who knew?

So I've been "testing the theory". Through the powers of Instagram I've been posting more Lifestyle type this point I must try not to snort at the "Lifestyle" aspect. My Mum would say it's more Chaos, and not the organised kind! She would be right.

Strangely enough because of this "Lifestyle" *snort* posting my desire to be the organised Elf I strive to be is really paying off.

You can now find my Instagram feed at the top of the site. Enjoy. Follow. Comment. That would be so cool.


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