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Show Time Day 2

It is day 2.

I am full of positivity. I pack an umbrella, wellington boots and an inflatable raft.

Quick outfit check... White T-shirt and cotton hippy pants. (This is important)

Everything is ready.

We're off.

I take the right turn to the site. Good start. Our gazebo is still standing. Even better start.

A few adjustments to the tables. Stock applied. Wheel ready. Boom! We have this in the bag!

It's 11am. The gates are open. Will the people come?


The ground filled at an alarming pace, poor Mr G had to wait in a queue for coffee!

It didn't stop. The sun shone and the people came. It was amazing. Just what a country Fair should look like. Families having fun, dogs, lots of dogs, friendly faces and chat. Lots of chat!

I didn't stop. It was frantic and manic and all the things I find difficult to deal with. But I did it. I did it for hours. I chatted and demo'd and I sat and spun locks and chatted and talked and sold. We sold Big!!

And the sun shone all day!!!

I had to take a break and I ran to the ladies room. I wandered my way back only to be stopped in my tracks by a queue. For my stand. Poor Mr G was a little bit out of his comfort zone but was doing a sterling job!

They were even sat waiting!

It was such an eye opener to me.

I didn't expect such a great response. I was and am flattered and stunned and truly thankful to everyone.

All in all it was an exhausting yet fantastic experience. It took me completely out of my comfort zone. It put me out there with nowhere to hide. It was me and my fluff.

I feel validated. I feel I am doing the right thing. I feel ...I need a bigger work space!

After packing away and returning to Fibre Factory HQ we sat and discussed the weekend.

We laughed about the rain, we discussed the things we would do differently and the things we needed for ...get this ...The Next Show!

It was at this point that my choice of outfit came into the conversation.

I'm not sure how it came up and quite frankly i'm not sure which one of them said it because they both ran off so fast leaving me in a state of shock. BUT, by all accounts on Saturday, that 1st nerve wracking day of the show, the day I needed everything to be just right, everything to work , for me to look like a grown up who knew what she was doing, apparently I looked like...I kid you not....A MINION!!!

Great! Fantastic! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!

My attempt at adulting in an adult fashion with adult people and I looked like a MINION!!!!!

Thanks guys wish you'd mentioned it before we left the house!

I shall leave you now to enjoy your day. I thank you all for sticking with me and reading my waffleings. Normal service will now resume! Please leave a comment and subscribe to keep up to date with all things Fibre Factory and I shall leave you with the only thing left to say...................................



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