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It's Show Time!

It's the 5th of August. It's early. The cars are packed. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and we're off!

We arrive. Drive around the car park twice. How can I get lost in an empty car park don't ask but I did. We did get a lovely look at Melford Hall though as did the daft soul who followed us!

I found the right track, it was the one called...Country fair this way. Strange that!

We found our pitch. We opened the cars up big and wide and thought....COFFEE!!!!!!

Now for those that know me I live with Anxiety. This situation is not good for me. I am starting to feel the panic rise. These people know what they're doing. They have "stuff" that professionals have. They look in control. They have coffee.

I need a moment to gather myself and Mr G like the hero he is, goes in search of Caffeine.

I feel the need to point out that whilst getting myself ready in the morning I thought the sensible thing to do was wear something very practical, something that would keep me covered and yet cool. I decided on the faithful Dungarees which i love and my yellow T-shirt. Keep this in mind. It rears its head shortly.

Mr G returns with a Styrofoam cup of brown liquid which according to him was Coffee. It was. But without the big sign saying so you would never have guessed it. But it did the job.

We set up. The sun is beating down. It is joyous. I am ready. I have named skeins and everything! (Thank you again Lucy..who has her own lovely website you can find HERE)

N.B - Check the outfit.

I have 3 helpers. My noble Mr G , My precious Beth and the Princess of all princesses Mouse. Mouse loves shows. She loves to help. And she is hilarious so makes any occasion a great one.

Mr G found a more substantial coffee outlet and dutifully kept 'em coming, whilst the girls and I put the finishing touches to the stand.

We're ready. I'm nervous. I am now convinced I will sit and watch people walk on by the crazy wool woman. What was I doing? Why had I put myself and everyone in the house through this? It was going to be a disaster! There is hand spun yarns , dyed yarns, Fibre braids, Fibre batts, Locks, Looms, drop spindles, even Doris the mannequin. The spinning wheel is out I mad!

It's 11 am and that's it they're going to open the gates. I am DOOOOOOOOMED!

Deep breath. I can't turn back now. I'm here . My stock is here. Mr G has found the best coffee ever. Oh look at the sky! What has happened to the sun? Why is the wind picking up? That is a pretty menacing looking rain is forecast is it?

Hmmm it's 12 noon and people are coming into the stand and they're saying lovely things and buying my stuff! Oh yes! Hand spun was the first thing to go, then drop spindles, then looms, then yarns, lots of yarns.

I'm smiling I can feel the relief coursing through me. Maybe i'm not going to make a numpty of myself. But that wind is getting stronger and it's getting a bit dark. Maybe it's just me, maybe i need a coffee.

12.49 pm

Was that Thunder? Errrr i'm sure that was lightening.......holy's the mother of all thunderstorms and it's right here right now. Is it a dry storm? Will it just rumble on past? No oh no it didn't the heavens opened and down came the rain. It rain and thundered and flashed and rained and thundered.

We grabbed everything from the outside and frantically rearranged the stand so nothing got wet. Apart from Mr G obviously he had to go and get coffee.

This was not on the programme I've read it twice and nowhere did it mention a weather display!

We hunkered down safe in the knowledge that...the gazebo would probably take off with the next gust leaving us looking like a cartoon!

But we laughed. And laughed.

What can you do about the weather? Absolutely nothing!!

So we made the best of a wet situation.

Everyone disappeared. Where was the British stiff upper lip? Well it was rushing across a field to the car park and probably heading for the pub!

Sadly, that was the end of the show day one. People left in droves to get out of the storm. A few stayed and some came back but the weather had dampened peoples day and enthusiasm.

By 4pm the sun had come out again and we persevered. Not many customers around but in the couple of dry hours I had sold much more than I had anticipated selling all weekend. We and the other stands decided it was probably time to start packing up and hope that Sunday would be a dry and warm day.

We got home. We ate. And I slept. I don't think I had had a proper sleep for 2 weeks I don't know if it was relief or all the fresh air but I slept heavy. I needed it. I had to do it all again tomorrow!


Tomorrow you will have the conclusion to the Show weekend!

Don't forget the outfit though it comes back tomorrow!

Much Love


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