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A crazy few weeks!

I apologise for not updating the blog for over a month I can't believe it's been this long but there have been crazy goings on here at The Fibre Factory! This is a long one so grab a beverage and get comfortable!


Non. Not a stitch. Zilch. My needles are dormant, my projects remain untouched. My soul cries out for a few rows of making fabric with sticks and string. I shall remedy this very soon. I have another Boyfriend Cardigan to finish and sock and other delights that need attention! Watch this space!


Hook? What hook? Nope no crochet either!



So what have I been doing to drag me away from the blog for over a month? Good question! Let me fill you in.

I was invited to attend the Long Melford Country Fair. The Fair hasn't happened for over 10 years so a lot of work had gone into resurrecting it and I was honoured to be invited to have a stand at the event.

The only tiny fly in the ointment was .... I've changed my mobile number. The organisers had left me message after message after message on a number I didn't use. They had been doing this since May.

Short of giving up on me they tracked my down on July 14th in Sainsburys and then Facebook within the week the Stand was booked , paperwork signed and dated and Voila I was attending....when is this glorious show? August 5th and counting on fingers and toes I realised I had just under 3 weeks to put everything together. 3 weeks!!!!!!! Once I had adjusted my mindset from total panic to relatively calm just slightly twitchy, I began to write down some sort of list. I'm good with lists , lists are kind, stable, logical. This list went on for quite some time.

The Prep for the show

I had under 3 weeks, no bare yarn, no bare fibre and no clue.

Thank goodness for next day delivery!

I ordered an obscene amount of yarn, enough for a sweaters worth in each colourway was my thinking. A gazillion skeins of DK , the same in sock and lets not forget mini skeins...we all love mini skeins! Order placed. First tick off the list, I'm feeling a bit smug now look how organised I am! Fibre, order fibre and then all I have to do is a mammoth dyeing session or 2. Another tick off the list, I'm cooking on gas now, I'm on a roll I've got this sorted!

All I have to do now is wait like a good little girl for the yarns and fibre to arrive.

Tick tock tick tock

24th of July the yarns are here and It's dyeing time!

The Yarns arrived , the sun was shining a perfect dyeing day.

Let the dyeing begin. I knew I wanted Galactic Lime back on the shelf so that was my first colourway in the pot. 6 skeins of limey, red goodness. On and on it went batches of 6 skeins in dyed in each colourway. Some existing and some new colourways.

Naturally it then began to rain. It was as if the clouds decided I was having it far too easy, a prompt delivery, a great dye session and sunshine was making it so smooth...let's chuck some rain at her and see how she deals! Like a professional I used words not fit for a lady and ran around like a eeeejit grabbing skein after skein. The yarns were dry. I was soaked!

This was not going to deter me I had a deadline, it was approaching faster than a fast thing and I had to get this done.

Small side note...No fibre delivered as yet.

5 long days of yarn dyeing ensued. I dodged rain, thunderstorms, food, I had to get this done. I was a woman on a mission.

Another small side note No fibre delivered as yet. I have developed a twitch over my left eye but i'm not panicking yet. I have just over 1 week what can go wrong?

Everything is dyed.

Skein after skein after beautiful skein is wearing its colours with pride. I am exhausted and the twitch has intensified some what, I think i'm grinding my teeth too.

Fantastic says Mr G well done you have finished. FINISHED?? All these lovely skeins need twisting and labelling and AND they need names. All those fantabulous new colours need a name. A NAME. Naturally Mr G was desperate to help... with his trained colourblind eye he points with assurety and positivity and says" This one here, this one right here should be called...BOB. At this point my twitch developed into a full on blink and Mr G escaped lightly with only a swift kick to the shin.

It's the 3rd Of August.

We spent the day running around collecting tables and erecting the gazebo so we could have a test run at setting everything up. it went well.It rained. Several huge ticks on the check list.

But there are 2 glaring big whopping huge ticks missing!!!!

Missing Tick No:1

I am having issues remembering my own name let alone naming 20 bazzillion skeins so I need to call in the big guns. Oh yes. That secret weapon of naming skeins... Lucy. At precisely 21:21 hours on 3rd of August I asked, nay I told her to name the dratted skeins before they all got a number or a letter. By 23:45 they were all named. We threw out a few suggestions as it was getting late, the coffee was wearing off and the thought of someone buying "Lusty Lemons" , "Teasing Tangerines" or "It looks like a Dave" were slim.

Thank you Lucy. I was slightly delirious and you were awesome as always!

Missing Tick No: 2

STILL NO FIBRE!!!!!!!!!!

4th August - 24 hours to go

It's 24 hours to go, every hour goes by at lightening speed. However the sun is shining Mr G pulls out all the stops and sets everything up in the garden so we can have a good look at what we have. I, with swagger arrange the NAMED skeins like a pro.

There is a thump at the door.

A very smiley delivery man thrusts a box so big I could have driven it through the door. I smile. I sign. I melt down into a pool of WHY WHY WHY!

It's the fibre.

Kilo after Kilo of gleaming white Merino, Corridale and Blue Faced Leicester.

I can't do it. There is just no way. I have 18 hours to go to the show. I can't dye multiple kilos of fibre in that time it will never be dry.

Or can I?

Could it be done? Would the sun continue to shine? Could I dye even a small portion? Should I have another coffee?

I pondered. I procrastinated. I flounced around trying to look like I wasn't battling with a Fibre Demon.

I opened the box.

I pulled out a Kilo of Corridale. I was just going to prep it. Just weight it. Just break it down into 100g bundles. I wasn't going to dye it. I couldn't.

I don't know how it happened. I think it was Fibre fumes. Once I'd broken it down into 100g bundles it looked so sad. It needed attention.

I dyed it. I pulled up my big girl pants and dyed that fibre all the colours of the rainbow. I will have fibre on the stand. I will fulfil my vision.

1 solitary kilo. But a beautiful Kilo.

After reliving the prep i need a coffee!

I shall leave you on the edge of your seat in anticipation for the show instalment tomorrow.

Much Love


P.S I have been asked to participate in the TMI - Too much Information. If you have a question for me, it can be absolutely anything personal (within reason), Professional, random anything at all please do pop me a question either on Facebook or here on the website. It will certainly be a fun blog post!

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