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A calmer week please!

Well what a week it has been.

Ever had one of those weeks where your feet don't touch the ground and before you know it it's Friday and you still have too much to do?

Family stuff

My Granddaughter went for surgery on Wednesday. She is such a brave and resilient princess. I think all us adults were more worried than she was. She took it all in her stride and came home in the evening. She's recovering well.

I on the other hand (no pun intended) I have a septic thumb! I got a splinter right down the side of my nail on Monday , simply by walking by a gate. It was huge, so I was able to pull it out easily enough but WOW the pain! By Wednesday, sat on the hospital bed chatting to Mouse it was throbbing so much. Thursday saw me at the Dr's surgery practically begging to have my thumb chopped off with a blunt spoon!

High dose antibiotics and a "if its no better in 48 hours it's off to A&E. It will be will be better...please let it be better!

Knitting News

The septic thumb has played havoc with the knitting!

All I have managed this week is the makings of another sock.

I'm currently working the heel flap and turn.

The yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners Pheasant ( Country Birds Collection).

The heel and toe will be completed in Wendy Roam in Grey.

This is the second pair of WYS Country Birds I've made this year and I just love the way it knits up.

It's a lovely yarn to work with not at all "splitty" and very soft once blocked. The picture below shows the lovely stripes of the Bluetit colourway.

Delightfully modelled below by Nin.

She loves her hand knits!

I also received Happy mail from Wool warehouse. Another Oxford Boyfriend will be on the needles very soon. Same yarn brand as the first but in the imaginatively named Brown and Oatmeal twist.

Shop News

The shop is now stocked with yarns and looms and through the weekend I will be adding fibre and spindles. Plenty of lovely stuff for you.

For now I shall wish you a lovely weekend and as the temperature is set to "a bit on the warm side" stay cool and hydrated.

L x

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